Erotic submissive stories of a pet slave

Erotic Submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories of your kitty pet submissive. There are many ways in which to train your submissive to your liking. My master has always said that I was his perfect little kitty. He tells me how my clothes digging into his back as he’s pounding my asshole reminds him of a wild cougar. And there’s no missing the fact that I am now becoming a cougar submissive who loves to pray on young dominant boys. And to help me transition master has permanently made me his little kitten cock sleeve. What you see here is the sexy part of being a little kitty for my big daddy. You don’t see all the humidity things he makes me do while in pet form. In case you’re wondering yes way to divulge in the furry lifestyle from time to time. I have trained beside many a “pup” in the kink community. But back to my humiliating task. I have dishes a little paw prints and funny cat faces on them that I lap my water and sometimes come out of. I have a litter box that I must use and nothing else that I have to go to the bathroom. And that means kicking my feet back and covering up my shit and pissing just like my furry counterpart would. There’s been a couple of occasions when I found myself face down in my own shit box. But besides that being Master’s pet is all about obedience and when I’m bad I am forced to be bound up and given bare bottom spankings with his cat of nine tails. Can I be your playful submissive kitten tonight?

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