Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive stories

Master always liked to watch guys fuck me, especially the young ones. I think it made him think back to all the pussy he’d get back when he was that age, how much he slept around. He had this young man tie my hands up behind my back, chain my ankles to the side of the bed and spread my legs wide open. He admired my pussy before shoving his face in it. He really must’ve liked the taste of my wet little pussy because he must’ve been eating it for over a half hour. Masters cock was so hard watching him eat my yummy little pussy. He excuses the young man and bends my ass over and starts slapping it then sticks that huge hard cock inside of it, pounding that huge cock in and out of my tight little asshole. It feels so fucking good! He barely fucks me for 2 minutes before he shot his load deep inside my ass, as he pulls his dick out, I feel it dripping out of my little hole.

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