Face Fucked & Strangled Submissive Sex

Submissive Sex

Daddy and my two brothers made me the submissive sex whore I am. This morning I was pulled out of bed to service daddy’s cock. He throat fucked me, took my pussy and pounded my ass. My big brother then came in with his morning hard on and had to get in on the action. I was late logging into work because I was throat fucked and strangled til I passed out. My brothers continued to fuck my ass and pussy and daddy splattered my face with his seed. I am a whore and a submissive slave for the men in my family and all men for that matter. I haven’t a right to say what they can and can’t do to my body. Daddy owns me. He is in control. I have had miscarriages from daddy and brothers punching me and knocking me down the stairs when they found out I was planted with breeding seed. I am not allowed to take birth control and they all fuck me bare back. I get so confused on what I am supposed to do. I had a miscarriage last week and my daddy and brothers just fucked my bloody cunt after it happened and made me pass out. Kinda like what happened today but I was just throat fucked super hard and strangled. What kind of submissive slut can I be for you, Master? I promise to obey and be a good whore. Well mostly. I am out of control often times and tend to fuck up my obedience training.

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