Fertile Lady

submissive sex

Master, master… where are you? I know I am waiting for you, being your obedient whore. Ready to please your every desire. Not only that though, you know a whore like me is nothing but your pregnant slut that needs to be fucked, milked and taught the rules of obedience… no one pleases me but you master. I think you know that, you know no one else makes sure that while I am their submissive whore to make me cum, and squirt so incredibly hard. The demanding voice you have, dominating my hand to rub my pussy hard, get it more than ready for that cock that I know you will soon deliver to me and the cock that will dominate me in so many ways. You control every aspect of my life, as you will also control every aspect of my pregnancy and the little one after he/she is born. Wouldn’t twins be fun? I know I am going to be the best Mommy, the best total whore for you. The fertile lady you’ve always wanted… I’m here master. Waiting, so patiently, ready to be fucked and milked and to feel your babybatter filling me all the way up the way I love it. I’m here master, all yours.

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