Flexible Little Rope Slave!

Bondage whore Rope bunny slaves are way more fun to fuck. I mean look how much better my cunt and tits look for my owner as he slams his shaft in my guts. He can easily grab my tits as he fucks my hole open, he can swap and put his cock in any hole without moving me too. He can spit in my face, slap my face/tits and cunt, etc. He literally can do whatever he wants to me without even having to move me. It is the best position to put a cunt into and just ravage her how you want. 

I have been a pretty little rope slave for men for quite some time now. It was a huge part of my training before my owner made me his permanent slave cunt. So, take it from me when I say it is really important to train yourself to be flexible. You want to make sure your body is broken into all different positions so you are easily bendable when being roped up like a doll. An owner/master/daddy will not be interested in keeping you full time if you are incapable of getting into or holding certain positions without being a whiny whore.

No one likes a complaining set of holes; especially not when there are plenty of other willing/needy holes to choose from. So my suggestion is to do as much practice as you can with as many different guys as you can so you are perfectly shaped and molded for your future owner. That’s what I did and now I can be put in any position my master wants and I can hold still and take a pounding. It is pretty easy to train and turn yourself into a stupid living/breathing fuck object. Isn’t that right daddy? The best girls are the ones who shut the fuck up and do what you want!

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