Bondage submissionI made my owner angry, there was dust on the entertainment center behind the television. He scolded me for a hour yelling and screaming. He told me I was a stupid bitch. Then he took that offensive remark back, and he told me I was lower than a stupid bitch I was nothing. He sat down on the sofa and a wicked grin spread across his face.
“Get over here, Nothing”, he demanded
I went over to my owner and dropped to my knees at his feet.
“You nothing, Nothing, you’re a footstool”, he told me
And I obediently got on my hands and knees, and he rested his feet on my back. I wasn’t a person anymore, I was his object. I was humiliated, but I remained obedient. His feet were heavy on my back, but I didn’t dare complain. I became a piece of furniture, I remained perfectly still. I was his object, a piece of property. I am a footstool.

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