We Pleased Master

Submissive SlutI thoroughly enjoy bossing people around all day. So by the end of the day I wanna relax, lay back, and submit every part of me to someone. Although some people don’t understand that submitting sexually, can be erotic, and very much pleasing. When someone calls me and wants to dominate me, I let them. I give them all the control they want.  It gets my pussy all tingly and juicy knowing they are on the other end of the phone beating their fat meat, fantasizing about my perky little tits, and juicy swollen pussy. I lay back, hold the phone close to hear every word they’re saying to me. Every moan and sexual grunt they make as they jerk off to the sounds of me fingering myself nice and deep. I do have some toys you can tell me to use, or whatever it is you might want. My job is to get you off in the most pleasure-bale way, giving in to every fantasy you have, and submitting to you, my master.

Come take my pussy for a ride, tell me all the dirty nasty thoughts going on in your head, from looking at my pictures. I want you to tell me every last detail of what you like, so I can cum just for you!

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