Fuck Me Now Sweet Daddy

Bondage whoreI need you to fuck me like a slut and not a nice slut either. Please kiss me on my pussy and, make my cunt soaking wet. You know what I need in my heart and how I can’t get enough of you. Push your huge cock in my asshole and fuck me as hard as you can, that’s how I like it. I want you to show me just how nasty you can get with me. When you play like you don’t want me that makes me so fucking horny because I love when you play hard-to-get. I can’t wait to hear you say no because it means I’m going to have a great time getting you to submit to my needs. I want to fuck you hard and raw I mean get on top of you and ride your cock like a cowgirl in heat. Whenever I look at you I get horny as fuck I mean your cock is exhausting and I go to sleep feeling beautiful. You’re the man of my dreams, you know that you are too. I love to get fucked in my ass I love to get fucked in my cunt too that’s the girl that I am. I want to be your sex toy I want to be your Playboy bunny.

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