Fuckwhore Training

Submissive phone sex

I woke up with my nylons binding my arms and legs together behind my back. I was not in my bed, I was on the floor in the basement, helplessly laying on the cold cement. I could hear footsteps walking closer to me. It was pitch black in the basement and I could not see a thing. I knew I was in the basement by the smell of all the training sessions I have had with Sir. I could only suspect I was in for another training session. I knew this was going to be intense training, the intense training is always done in the basement. All of a sudden I was being lifted up off of the ground. I was confused, there must have been people down in the basement already there without me knowing. I felt strong hands gripping tightly around my arms, holding me up in the air. Then I heard my Sir, he told me that I was in for a very special training session. This session is going to show him if I have learned anything from the time I have spent with him. Then I heard Sir telling a group of men to take a seat. The basement was still pitch black, I then realized I must have a blindfold over my eyes. When the two men started lowering me down, I felt my cunt spread open. My Sir was about to let these men watch me get my Submissive cunt fucked raw by his 10-inch dildo fucking machine. Since I was still tied up, the other two men were holding on to me, to keep me lifted. My sir walked over to me and took my blindfold off. I saw 10 men staring at me, about to watch me get fucked raw and hard by this fucking machine. Sir told me he wants to see how good of a submissive fuck whore I can be. He put a ball gag around my face and told me if I make one noise he will punish me in ways I have not yet seen. I nodded my head letting him know that I was listening to everything he was telling me. For two hours straight I had the big 10-inch dildo being inserted into my ass and fuck whore cunt. I made it my mission not to make one noise no matter how bad it hurts or how good it felt. I could tell Sir was trying his best to get me to squeal by changing the speeds of the machine. In the end, I succeeded. I took that big ass dildo in my ass and pussy like a real submissive fuckwhore that I am. My Sir will know that I want to be his fuckwhore for the rest of my life.

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