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Drake is a dangerous motherfucker he’s always taking crazy risks like going into public places and making scenes. Drake continually talks about how he likes to make women feel uncomfortable and horny at the same time. I have got to admit pussies get soaking wet when his fully erect massive 12-inch cock calls those hot whore cat mamas. One Saturday evening while Drake and I were jogging in the park he noticed a hot young red head peering at us. This freak was a hot piece of work with her piercing green eyes, slim frame, and tight puckered bubble ass. I noticed Drake eyeing those perfect 40 or bigger double D titties. The woman who looked to be between 20 and 22 years old kept looking at us each time that cute ass ran by. I said to Drake, that it was like she couldn’t take her eyes off us. All of a sudden the redhead started running right at us. The sweet tit freak introduced herself, she said her name was Jessica as she smiled directly at Drake. Jessica said she knew who we were from the videos she had seen online of our crazy sexy antics. Drake gave Jessica direct eye contact as he told her she was sexy as fuck. I knew right then what Drake wanted to do with and to miss hot little Jessica. Drake wanted to fuck Jessica in every position. I asked her if she would like to come to our house and have a good time, of course, she responded, so we all took off. Drake, Jessica and I had the hottest fucking most cum-guzzling threesome you could ever imagine. I ate her juicy cum-filled cunt until she was begging me to stop and we both got fucked to exhaustion.

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