Public Humiliation

Submissive slut

Master bought me a new butt plug recently. It was much larger than any of the others I’ve ever had. It’s so uncomfortable and painful when he slips it inside of my tight ass. I can barely walk and can’t sit down at all while it’s inside of me. He told me that this is all part of my slave training and that if I’m a good girl, I’ll wear it without any fuss. Pleasing him is all I want, so I agreed. It took a little bit of work and a lot of lube, but he got the huge plug inserted securely into my asshole. Then he told me he was going to take me out to the mall and do a little shopping and get lunch. I couldn’t imagine walking around in public with this monster in my bottom! We browsed the stores and did a little shopping while I wore the huge plug. My ass was on fire from the discomfort, but my pussy was also tingling and wet. The plug hurt and felt good at the same time. I was wearing a short little sundress and no panties underneath. If I bent over or the wind blew, anyone would be able to see the base of the plug poking out of my bottom. Master told me he had a little chore for me to do. There was a group of men standing by the fountain in the mall talking and people watching. He told me he wanted me to walk in front of them, turn around, drop something on the ground, and then pick it up so the men could see my plug. I agreed to do it even though I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I did just as he asked and when I bent over the men began to whistle and cat call me. My cheeks were flushed and burning with embarrassment. Master was very pleased though and took me home and gave me a special treat. He put me in a new pair of leg chains and manacles and gave me a nice hard fucking. I squirted and came over and over while he praised me for being such a good little submissive slut.

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