Girl Fight

Submissive whoreI was making the bed in my uniform, when my owner came home.

I heard another girls voice!

I ran out to see what was going on and he had his hands all over her tight little ass!

Oh no! He can’t have another girl! I just got used to him owning me! I can’t share him!

I ran right over and pushed her down and jumped on her! I wanted to destroy her!

I was straddling her curvy young body when I slapped her as hard as I could!

I was screaming at her and pulling her hair and calling her a filthy whore when suddenly my pussy started to get warm and creamy!

And just like that, I began to understand the way he felt when he is beating me! I felt the pleasure it brings him!

And I bent down and kissed her perfect lips. Then I look up and saw him smiling!

“I got her for you.” he said.

But then he told me that I still needed to be punished because that is not how we behave!

I started crawling to my chains to be restrained when he grabbed the back of my hair and pushed me face down onto the floor, I heard his belt come off as he pinned me beneath him! His giant cock forced its way into my cunt, making me scream with pleasure!

He fucked me so hard that my smooth pussy was red and swollen! His yummy cum drzzled out of my abused fuck hole as he got up and walked away.

I looked over at my new pet!

“Come over here you dirty little slut! Lick all this cum up off the floor and kiss my bruised cunt!”

Yes! This could be good…as long as she keeps her hands to herself!

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