girls who like to be spanked

Spanking phone sex

I am one of those girls who like to be spanked. My master picked up on that right away. He knows my body, what I hate and what I love. He mind fucks with me. Tied up and unable to move my master starts. I am on my hands and knees with my legs spread wide open. He starts rubbing my pussy, spreading me open and inspecting my pussy. My master licked his fingers and starts rubbing my clit. He spreads me open again and spits on my asshole.

girls who like to be spanked

He starts rubbing my ass and suddenly leaves me. I can not look, I can only feel his presences near me. Suddenly the spankings start. He starts pounding my ass with his hands. Pounding me, slapping me making me scream out. Begging him for more and more then he stops. I had no idea what was next. I could feel him behind me. He spread me open and spit on my asshole again. He grabbed is cock and spanked my asshole with the head of his dick and then fucked my asshole till he came inside of me.

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