Spank me, Master!

bare bottom spankings

When master gives me my daily bare bottom spankings it’s always so intimate and sensual. Like a good little submissive slut I kneel down and bend over his knee completely naked. He always takes his time and rubs my silky round ass cheeks slowly to build up the anticipation for whats to come. My wrists have already been tied and bound behind my back at the base of my spine, just out of the way of his target. Swiftly his opened palm slaps hard against my bare ass cheek making a sharp sting emanate across the surface of my skin, when he pulls away I can already feel the tingling outline of his red hand print branded upon my ass cheek. He chuckles and gives me another whack making me jolt in surprise as he lands it perfectly in the same spot as before. The pain radiated and seeped deeply into my ass muscle. This one made me wince in pain. After a while I lost count of how many blistering welts covered my bright red cheeks, tears slid down my face as he slipped his index finger deep into my clenched asshole to signify that the torment was over and that he was ready to give me a little sugar on top of all that spice.


Bondage submission




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