Happy Birthday Daddy!

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It’s daddy’s birthday today. You know what he wanted for his birthday? To use and abuse his little submissive whore of course. But not just him, oh no, that would be too simple and no fun. He wanted me to be the life of the party or as he likes to call it, the party favor. This was a guy’s only party. You could bring you cousin, brother, uncle, son, grandpa, daddy or any male you knew. Just I was to be the only female. Everyone would get a turn with me. They would drink and touch on my naked body. Daddy had me tied and spread across the table. Easy access for anyone to use and abuse me. Laying there naked and vulnerable. My nipples hard from the cold air hitting them after being licked and sucked on. My young tight pussy was wet from being lick and made to cum. I was sucking so many cocks. I was being fucked over and over again. Everyone watching, jacking their dicks or fucking my mouth. I had dicks in every hole I had and both my hands full. I had cum dripping out my mouth, ass and pussy. I had loads and loads of cum all over my body and face. Once every single one of them were done. Then it was daddy’s turn. He wanted to fuck me and dump his load all in his cum slut after everyone had used me. Daddy told me I made his birthday so special for him.

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