He Forced Me Over & Over…

Rape phone sex fantasies (9)

My master has no problem passing me around, letting his friends use and abuse myself and my little bratty ones. They are willing little cunts, like it or not at least. I think he likes to sit back and watch us be abused and forced, to hear us cry and plead and beg for mercy. Even though that’s sometimes hard with a cock, ball gag or even pair of panties in my mouth. He likes to see my baby girls, tiny unsuspecting and completely unwilling cunt forced open. Those bald pink pussy lips so tiny and small and helpless. Mommy is tied up so tight and all I can see is her legs being pried apart as she tries to squeeze them together. I see the mushroom head of a cock trying to force it’s way into her pussy, I hear her cry and say no but I know there is nothing I can do and my pussy starts to drip. They know it makes me horny, but they want me little girl to know that. They put my cunt right on her face, I am sitting on her pussy as she screams and cries into my cunt while she gets fucked. I watch his bloody cock slide in and out of my little girl and wish I could suck it. I almost get what I want as he puts his cock down her throat and then forces me to kiss her little lips. I am soaking wet the whole time…and finally there is something being done about that as my ass and pussy are violated too…and my master? He just sits and watches…

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