He humiliated me

submissive whoreI thought we were going out somewhere nice as a treat but honestly I should have known better. My Master never spoils me like that for nothing, he wanted me to learn a lesson in humiliation and boy did I ever learn it well. We were at a five star restaurant eating up on the rooftop, the view was amazing the food was fantastic it was just so wonderful at first. Then my Master ordered me to take off my panties right there at the table. I tried to be discreet about it but I know people were staring at me, I could feel their eyes boring into my skin. I handed him my panties and he put them right on the table in plain view! Everyone could see them and I just know my face was red as a tomato with embarrassment but he was only getting started. He made me go over to the spiral staircase and pull my skirt up and show everyone my pussy and my ass, then he told me to lay there and masturbate until I came no matter what. Well I couldn’t very well say no now could I? I did what he asked and even tho people were staring and other people were telling me to stop and even threatening to call the police I kept on going until I squirted and then I was finally allowed to leave. I have never been so humiliated in all my life!

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