He punished me

submissive whoreI was mouthy to my Master and he punished me for it. I knew better than to question him but I really hated the man he brought over to use me, he is fat and smelly and gross and I didn’t want his nasty body all over mine. Well I ended up with worse after telling my Master that I wouldn’t fuck him, he brought over several more men just as fat and smelly and gross and made me fuck them all! I had to do whatever they told me to do no matter how degrading and disgusting it was. And then when they were finally done with me I had to lay there covered in their sweat and stink and cum all night long, I wasn’t allowed to shower it off until the next day! Once I was clean my Master beat me until I could hardly breathe and told me that I had better never disobey him like that again and I am here to tell you I for sure never will! Once was more than enough!

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