He punished me

submissive whoreI was having a bad day yesterday, I was in pain from my last beating and my pussy was so sore from all the fucking and when my Master told me to come to him so that he could use me again I hesitated and didn’t come to him right away. He could see that I didn’t really want to and boy was he mad. He said that he owned this pussy and that he was going to use it whether I wanted him to use it or not. He dragged me by my hair across the room and beat me to my knees before shoving his huge cock down my throat. I was choking and gagging but he wouldn’t stop, for a moment I was afraid he would actually kill me! Then he bent me up and fucked my sore pussy until I was screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. He put me back in my place and I will remember next time to always obey my master no matter what.

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