He woke me up

submissive whoreI was sleeping in my bed when I was awakened by a rough hand covering my mouth. I could feel his body pressed pressed against me, his hard cock was pulsating against my naked ass cheeks and I was terrified. He whispered that he was going to hurt me and that I had better just lay there and take it or he would make it so much worse for me. It was so scary because I had no idea who it was! He could have been anyone, it was dark and he was whispering it was just awful. He forced his giant cock into my pussy and I wanted to hate it but I couldn’t, against my will my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and he definitely noticed. He called me a slut and fucked me harder, it felt like his cock was going thru my whole body he was fucking me so hard and deep. Then he pulled out of my pussy and violently fucked my ass while I screamed. It hurt so bad but I came so hard! I think I must be addicted to abuse.

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