submissive whore ripley

Your young submissive whore. The bitch you can do anything you want to, I am powerless. Weak. Nothing I can do as you violate my holes. Nothing I can do as you force my little ones to do your bidding. Nothing… I will do nothing. You are in control, you own me. My little ones… they’re all yours. I’m a very bad mommy. I will cry and beg you not to hurt them, not to violate them but you and I both know I am full of shit. We both know from my wet sloppy pussy soaking wet over here that I want you to as bad as you want it. You don’t hesitate, and you make me watch. I deserve this. This is all I will ever be good for and I know it. I am to be used and then thrown away. My cunt is all I am worth, only good for breeding fucking and using as a personal cum dumpster. Here to serve and please your cock any time you may desire. I am yours. I will worship you, I will obey your every command and serve your glorious cock to its full extent. You can make me do anything. Anything your horny heart desires. I might say no, I might beg for you not to, you might hear my muffled screams as you do the unthinkable – but don’t stop, I want it. I need it, I need to be forced, I need to be serving you in my rightful place as your very own submissive whore.

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