What does a Bird say?

Extreme bondage

Tweet Tweet… You can find a subby whore anywhere now a days. But you will never find one like me or my friends. We are willing to do anything and everything you want us to do. I want to be your submissive whore. I will be your bitch, your punching bag and your fucking toilet. Please master make me your scummy whore. Master I want to please you, I want to be your sex slave. You are my entire world master all I want to do is please you. I want to take your cock balls deep inside of my asshole. I want you to thrust in and out of me. Make me your anal loving whore. I want nothing more but to be your’s and only yours. I will do as I am commanded. Tie me up, spank me until I bleed. I will beg for more, I will never ask you to stop. Please master beat me until I am black and blue. 

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