Home Invasion

Bondage whore I opened the door and all I saw was a rag on my face, the next thing I know I woke naked hog tied and blind folded on the floor. I heard a voice tell me how he will be using me in any way he wants until his balls are nice and empty. Every time I moved the rope got tighter on my pussy and around my thighs. Before I could try to flip over a big fat cock was shoved in my mouth. He took a hand full of hair and used it to move my head just like he wanted, he played with his balls while shoving his dick deeper and then I felt it the pulse of the cum rushing up his dick and into my mouth he held me there until every dropped was going down my throat. I thought it was all over until I felt his fingers push right into my pussy, as scared as I was it felt so good him digging deep inside me, I felt my pussy getting wet. I was wanting him to fuck me by now the rope rubbing on my skin the taste of his cum in my mouth I started feeling like a bitch in heat. I begged him to fuck me to please make me cum, I heard a laugh and with one plunge he was balls deep inside me. Pump after pump I felt the rope burn me in different spots it felt so good, I let out a moan and came all over his dick, my pussy pumped on his and he started pumping in me holding my hips in place. He untied my feet I waited for a few minutes hoping he was going to finish untying me, but it was dead silent. I managed to remove the blind fold. I looked around but there was no one around. 

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