Hot Ass Master

Bondage submission


Last night I took a deep dive into the world of bondage submission and it left me longing for more.  I’ve been hanging out with a new dom lately and he is a fucking smoke show!

My new hot Master sent me a text ordering me to be outside waiting for him in 20 minutes.  When his car pulled up, he got out and shoved me to my knees right there on the curb and forced his cock into my mouth.  While I was forcibly choked on his dick, he made quick work of blindfolding me and then pulled his cock from my hungry mouth with a wet suctioning noise, leaving me gasping and unsure if I was in more need of oxygen or that rod buried deeper in the back of my throat.

He roughly pulled me to my feet and whispered in my ear that he was taking me on a journey that I would never forget and that I was to do exactly as I was told.  He then placed a spider gag on me and threw me in the car.  We drove for a while and then I was picked up by my tits and carried a short distance.  The blindfold was removed and I took in my surroundings as he shackled my hands and suspended me from the ceiling.

I was in a dungeon outfitted with everything a sick sadistic pervert could imagine.  I barely had time to look around before my breasts were met with a barrage of brutal blows.  Master had a hickory switch in each hand and he was laughing and telling what a good girl I was as he dealt my licks.  My hands still high above my head, I was unable to do anything except thrash about as drool started pouring from my gagged, open mouth.

Once I was properly abused, my Adonis of a Master got behind me and fucked so hard the only sounds I could make were screeches and screams with the occasional gasp for air.  Just before he blew his hot load, he unstrapped me, spun me around and fucked my throat until he shoot a thick, chunky wad into my wide open mouth.

When he dropped me back off at home, I wasn’t ready to go back inside.  I wanted to stay with him but he forced me out of his car and peeled off down the street as he flipped me the bird.  He’s so dreamy.


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