How it started Vs How its Going

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It started with me working for him, and almost getting fired. This milf phone sex subby subbing at a local high school. I was begging and pleading for my job. I would do anything he desired to keep my paycheck. He was a Dominant man in the office and he was quick to pick up that I had begun wearing low cut shirts and short skirts showing off the top of my thigh high to work. A woman has to use her best assets when dealing with such an authoritarian figure as my boss. Plus he was a silver fox and sexy as fuck! So, Now on my knees begging and ripping my shirt open to reveal my barbell nipple piercings I pleaded to keep my Job. I loved being around all these stud cocks. 


I felt his mood shift and a slap rang out across my face. I felt it in my pussy! He knew my fucking mommy pervert secret’s and would deal me accordingly! Bent over his desk, naked now and Instructed to keep my whore mouth shut and my hands on his desk! He fucked me violently, in my ass and milf cunt! 


I am my boss’s personal bondage slut now. My body is now used to instruct this high school boys i n how to use a BDSM phone sex whore to her fullest potential! Fill me up, cane, me, put me in extreme restraints all so I can be your subby older women who enjoys the torture and pain of it all! 

BDSM phone sex


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