Prize Day

Cock WorshipingI love master’s cock. Masters cock is so big and thick and the way it slides in and stretches out my tight little pussy just makes me go crazy. I’ve been a good girl lately, so master said I get my prize. I love when I get my prize because it’s always my master’s thick cock. He lets me do whatever I want with him when I’ve been good. He lets me tie him to the bed and do anything I want to him. Right now, he is tied to the bed with his hands and feet tied with a blindfold on. I start by going down and pulling his thick cock out and putting it in my mouth. I tell him how much I love his hard cock while sucking on it. I take a little break so that I can fit his cock in between my titties and fuck him with my tits. I love to spit on his cock and make it all slippery and wet. Then I go and sit on his hard cock and ride his dick for as long as I want. Master always tells me when he is about to cum so that I can go and suck every drop of cum out of his hard cock. I love the taste of his cum its so sweet and salty and the way it shoots down my throat. I can’t wait for my next prize day!

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