how to spank a woman with Naomi

Submissive whore

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right things in bed? 

Do you try to spank the whore you are fucking but it just does not feel right? 

This is how to spank a woman the RIGHT way. 

As a Submissive Whore I get spanked often and I fucking love it. 

The way my very first master got me to love spanking was very simple but amazing.

Start out by tying her up

Then pull her panties down, kissing her exposed skin. 

how to spank a woman

Rub her ass cheeks softly.

Pull your hand back as if you were going to spank her then place it back on her ass and rub lightly.

Teasing her getting her ready for that spank is what excites her. 

The sharp pain of that spanking send shivers down her spine. 

She will push her ass back for more. 

Tease her lightly again sliding your hands up and down her ass cheeks over her pussy lips. 

Pull your hand back now this is where she thinks you are going to tease her again but let your anger out on her ass! 


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