How To Spank A Woman 101

submissive whore robyn

Being a submissive, I have always been turned on by being spanked. As soon as a man puts me over his knee, I feel the tingling start to build between my legs. A good firm swat on the ass with a paddle or a big strong hand and my pussy is wet instantly. I have always thought I knew just how erotic spanking could be. But your never to old to learn something new. Last night I learned how to spank a woman in the most hypnotic of ways by an expert. He took me into the room where he had several implements to administer my spankings laid out on the bed. There were several different leather whips and several varieties of paddles. Laying on the pillow was a blind fold and a pair of handcuffs that were lined in some type of fur. Without saying a word he handcuffed my hands over my head and to a rope that was hanging from the ceiling. He spread my legs and secured them to a spreader bar. Then came the blind fold. Walking around me he gently touched me with the tips of his fingers, running them over every inch of my body. I was covered in goose bumps and every inch of me was alive with desire. I felt his hard cock rub against my ass and he left a trail of pre-cum on my skin. I felt his finger tips circling my nipple and then the crack of a paddle on my cunt lifted me off the ground. The sensation was so hot. For hours he touched me alternately spanking me on every inch of my skin. Not one piece of me was left untouched. He brought me to the brink of orgasm several times but did not let me cum. My knees were weak and the only thing holding me up were the handcuffs. Finally I felt him enter me, hard and throbbing he rammed his dick inside my wet pussy. He took me with the force of a crazed man, he released the handcuffs as we both exploded and the force of my fall caused his dick to impale me while he shot his load inside me. Now that is how you spank your submissive!how to spank a woman

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