I am my master’s pet

Slave trainingMy master wants to teach me some new tricks. I love it when my master wants to teach me anything new. I love to please him in anyway possible. Showing my master I can learn how to please him makes my pussy wet. Anything to put a smile on my master’s face not only warms my heart. but also warms my pussy. My master likes to call me Kitty because he says I am his sex slave and also his own personal fuck pet. He makes me crawl around the house with a leash around my neck. I am to wear no panties. My fat juicy cunt hole exposed as I crawl around the house on all fours. He like me to purr and lick my hands and titty as if I am a real live kitten cleaning myself. One of master’s favorite things that I do is  purr while I am sucking his fat white cock at the same time. The sound of my pur makes my throat vibrate and feels so damn good to his dick. When master is about to cum he pulls out and cums all over my titty and down my body. Then I am  to lick is off just like a kitten would do while cleaning herself up. Master wants to teach me how to lick cum off my whole body just like a kitten. That is his new trick for me to learn. If there is anything my master wants to teach this slave whore I am willing to learn and get beaten if I do not learn quickly.

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