I Am Yours

submissive whoreUse me master. Make me obey. Let my body be for your pleasure regardless of the pain I endure. Let your friends use me. I will always obey you. You tell me to prepare for a party, but I know what that really means. That means that I will be the entertainment for you and your friends. You will drink and party and use me as a sex toy or a punching bag, either or both is what I deserve. Because I am here to serve you.

Your friends fuck me until they can no longer get hard, but they are still wanting to be pleased. You bring out your fun box of toys. My body covered in cum. Cum running out of every hole. My ass bright red from their spankings. My ass gaped from being pounded. My tits sore and red from pinching. Bruises start to appear but that doesn’t detour you nor them. I am now bound as one of your friends lifts the whip. I lay there on the floor waiting for it to strike my skin. I don’t flinch or try to avoid it. I take it because I am obedient to you. It pierces my flesh and soon I feel blood running from the cuts. I still remain still and resilient, for I am yours.

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