I Don’t know that it was a Rape Fantacy

XXX bondage

Todd came it the house drunk last night at 3 in the morning he was a stinky drunken mess. I hate when Todd gets this way because he will do terrible things to me and it always starts with him being a stinking drunken fucker. He woke me up and tore all of my clothes of  my nightgown and my panties screaming at me the whole time. Then he threw me down on the bed and slapped my face and told me that I was going to submit to him like and good little whore. Todds calls me spanish trask while he spanks my bare bottom until it is completely bruised. ” I will beat you until I get weak you piece of Mexican trash” that is what he screams out while I’m total pain as he crashes his huge hands onto my raw pouty ass. Last night Todd forced his fist into my cunt and he didn’t stop even as I begged and cry for him to. After he was finished he drove his rock hard dripping cock down my throat and started choking me with it. I sucked the best I could and I didn’t stop him so I don’t know that what happened last night was a rape fantasy and I don’t care I’m not telling anyone that could hurt my Todd.

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