I Earned A Punishment From Master

Bare bottom spankings

I didn’t lick master’s toys clean the way he asks me to do so I knew I was going to be punished. I know as a submissive whore you must do anything asked just the way master wants so now, I had to take all the punishment he wanted to dish out. He ripped my panties and bra off bent me over his knees and gave a brutal bare bottom spanking. My ass was read and welted, my pussy dripped knowing he was punishing me how he likes and there for pleasing him. He slapped my face until my lips felt swollen while degrading me and spitting on me. He slapped me with his cock before shoving it in my mouth, making me gag and choke. I made sure to take it all so I could show masters that I know am I am worthless, and his toy and I will do better. When I felt him about to cum, he pulled out and started spraying all over my face. I made sure to open my mouth and catch as much of his thick as I could in my mouth. He left me there to think about what I did.  

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    • Cantrell on May 29, 2022 at 6:26 pm
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    Probably shouldn’t have been such a stupid whore.

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