I had to make her my bitch

submissive sex

When you have one of the top-notch men as your new sugar daddy, you have to assimilate to his lifestyle quickly. When my sugar daddy told me his deal, I promised him that I’d be the perfect cum dump for him and would make him happy by keeping things exciting.

I knew that him dominating me for a few hours then taking me shopping would get quite old quickly. I kept thinking and trying to figure out something that would entice his taste.

When I was watching a movie and saw that a girl was dominating another girl in this particular scene, it was a hot dialogue. It drew me in, and that’s when it hit me, and I got a perfect idea.

I was sure that my sugar daddy would enjoy watching me turn the tables and make a girl my submissive cunt. It felt right, and that’s what I set out to do with one of my best friends.

Darcy is a redheaded slut who is down to party and shop. When I presented the idea, my sugar daddy was all in, and I got to beat her asshole and go shopping like never before.

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