I have many Erotic submissive stories

Submissive Whore

My boyfriend found out I was a cheating slut! He destroyed my cunt.. He threatened to murder me if I ever did it again.. I have been wanting to get out of this relationship since it started.. Yes, I love being a Submissive Whore but, there is a limit, This fucker doesn’t have any! He literally medical-strapped me to an electric chair this morning and attached exposed wires to my nipples.

I nearly died from the torture I endured.. This is all because he saw pictures of me deepthroating cock in my phone.. I just recently found out he has a hidden app on my phone called a “keylogger”. He’s been using it to stalk my every move. He fucked me until my body collapsed and even after I was nearly limp lying on the ground..

He mounted my face and nearly suffocated me with his cock. I couldn’t fucking breathe! It was totally a turn on but I wish it were someone else.. I just have this burning hate for him.. For all the things he has done to me.. I am so horny and he’s stepped out to go out with his boys..

I am seeking a hardcore man who will give me Extreme bondage and show me no remorse whatsoever.. Force me to do whatever it is you desire.. I will always be a cheating Submissive slut.. He’s going to have to kill me to get me to stop.. Until then I am available babe.. Call me.

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