I just want to be friends

Submissive slutI mustered up some courage to head over to my boss’s house today so that I could beg him to please stop using me as his submissive slut that he loves to blackmail. To be honest, I really did have high hopes that he would have mercy on me, I thought that after all of this time of him blackmailing me and degrading me in countless ways, his heart would have softened and he would go easy on me. Sadly, I was sorrily wrong. So wrong in fact that it’s quite sad. I am so embarrassed that I was so incredibly off with how I expected the outcome to be after paying him a visit to his home. All fantasies of him agreeing to just be my friend and call a truce was thrown out the door when he forced me to strip down naked as soon as I entered his house. I pleaded not to but I had no choice. He laughed in my face as he forced me down to my knees and had me beg even more. He knew that he wasn’t going to grant my wishes, he was just getting a kick out of making me squirm! He really is such a sick fuck! I sucked his cock and took it in my ass like it was nothing. This is what I have been trained to do because I have no other fucking option. My holes are toys for him to use for his sexual pleasure!

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