Submissive Training Tool

submissive whore

Last night my master used me as a training tool. I am locked away during the day with a 9-inch dildo stuck in my pussy hole. Master doesn’t want any of my juices going to waste. He told me that morning I was a nasty whore barley good enough to be used for his new class he was starting. Teaching men how to punish women. I remember a while back master talking about how tired he was, seeing men bowing down to worthless pieces of shit slut whores. He posted an add online telling these pitiful men he can help change their lives. As night fell master cut the rope from my wrists and ankles. He told me to get up off the bed, turn around and put my hands behind my back. I could see from the corner of my eye big black handcuffs. I knew I was in for some real punishment, master only uses these handcuffs when he is really trying to prove a point. Master took me by my arm, we headed down to the basement. Once we got there, master pointed to the 6-foot cage in the corner. Master told me to get in, once I was in the cage, he covered the cage up with a black blanket twice the size of the cage. It wasn’t long until I heard other men coming to the basement. Once the men were seated master started his class. The men did not know I was in the cage, I heard the men talk about how tired they were of slut bitches thinking they run this world. The men were angry and wanted to show these nasty slut whores who really runs shit. Then, Master ripped the blanket off the cage. I saw ten men staring at me, their eyes wide with excitement. These men were ready to learn from my master. Behind the men I saw a wooden table. I knew then what I was in for. Master ripped me out of the cage showing me no mercy. He threw me on the ground in front of the men. He took my ankles, bent them back over my head. He then took out a thick wired rope. Master tied me up like a raw turkey. My tight ass hole and plump pussy was all the men could see. My master then picked me up and dropped me down on the table. The handcuffs were still around my wrists, master took the handcuffs off. I was shocked he did not put them back on right away. Master knew what he was doing though. My master knows I am obedient to him and only him, that is how he trained me. Master told the ten men to do what they want with me, master had one rule, NO PLEASURE. The ten men huddled around me hesitant at first, then one man rammed his thick cock right up my tight ass. I am not used to having my hands free, out of reaction I quickly reached up and punched the man on the side of his chin. All ten men turned to my master. My master walked over to me with the black handcuffs in his hand. He lifted my hands up over my head, put the handcuffs around my wrists. He took the wired rope, looped the rope through the handcuffs and pulled my wrists over my head. He tied the rope to the leg of the wooden table. My master then walked up the basement stairs. He shouted to the men. Punish the slut whore like a real man is supposed to. For the next 3 hours all ten men took their anger out on every part of my body. Every hole is still oozing with blood. Master told me I better heal myself quick for the next class he has coming up.

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