I know where I belong

submissive whore
I think all women should remember that we are ultimately all just a submissive whore! I saw a woman who was bossing her meek husband around the other day in the store and thought She really has no idea of her ture place. I would never never talk to any man in that tone of voice! I would be slapped into next week for starters! My mouth is only for sucking cock! The last time I back talked I was fucked in my ass for hours and beat like a puppy pet! My ass bleeding from the BBC gangbang I was submitted too after being tied up and left to think about what I had done! On my knees getting rug burns as my mouth is gagged with cock on one end and my ass is a shish kabob. As I’m supposed to be obedient and submissive and never talk back! Please have mercy as I am worshiping cock all over again! I am here for your pleasure, a vessel for you cum! Mold me into the perfect whore! I know that women are only meant to serve and please men. To be seen and not heard. To speak only when spoken to.
My cunt is soaking wet waiting for you to decide when I am worthy of your cock. spank me and cum inside all my worthless fuck holes! 

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    • Carl on April 3, 2022 at 11:42 am
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    I definitely think you are worthy of my cock, you submissive little slut!

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