I Lived Your Rape Fantasy

Rape phone sex fantasies


Have some rape phone sex fantasies swirling around in that fucked up brain of yours?  Well here’s one for you…  This is what a girl looks like when she knows she’s about to get raped but can’t do a single thing about it.  I knew I wasn’t going to get through the night without letting this sleazebag use me and run deep inside of me as much as he wants.  The look on my pretty face in this picture is a look of resignation, but I wasn’t scared, I was already disgusted at what I knew was about to happen to me.

Yeah, I’m a super submissive cum slut who loves to please her master, but if I get the feeling that something’s off, I safeword up and peace out of that motherfucker in a heartbeat.  I love abuse, but it has to be the right kind from the right person, and I could tell from the get go that I didn’t want anything to do with Maestro Miguel.

Everything was off about him, smarmy smile, chaotic vibe, even his smell wasn’t quite right.  I wasn’t in the room for five minutes before I told the guys I didn’t think it was going to work out and tried to leave.  They just laughed and kept saying that it would be okay and that they knew what they were doing.  They convinced me to take a seat and try to relax, so I sat and started rolling a joint.  They started making jokes in Spanish, I really should’ve paid more attention in school.  If I had I might’ve known that they were obviously talking about what they were going to do to me.

When they started snapping pictures, my heart picked up pace and began pounding hard.  I didn’t even spark the J, just tried to get up to go, but was held in place by Miguel’s forceful grasp.  I was a little surprised when he slapped the taste out of my mouth and told me I wasn’t going anywhere in plain English.  I didn’t struggle, didn’t even cry.  Experience has taught me that they like it more, so I just laid there on the musty old couch and took his long, thin prick like the champ I am, staring him in his stupid face as he pounded into me.

Luckily he was one of those rapists who are so horny that they don’t last long and he horked his horchata inside of my pink pussy in three minutes, tops.  Unluckily, though, his friends had way thicker cocks and lasted much longer.  That’s when the tears started flowing and I could no longer contain my screams.  


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