I Love Eating Cum

Cum eating phone sex


Every submissive worth her salt is a pro at cum eating phone sex.  I’ll take it however you want to give it: in a cup, on a saucer, I even love it as an ice cream topping!  I prefer to get it right from the source, though, so when I get asked to sit in on a blowbang orgy and sub the fuck out, I happily agree.

The only thing that can beat a chunky, creamy mouthful of hot cock juice is multiple mouthfuls of that pearly, pussy plastering nut sauce.  I can even fit a couple of cum slingers in my gob at once to make sure I don’t have to settle for swallowing single loads.  So what if I have to keep my mouth open really wide for so long that my jaw cramps up and my lips start to sting?  After a little bit, I don’t even notice that the corners of my mouth feel like they’re about to rip apart.  When I get that double blast of bone juice I’ll be on cock cloud nine!

I can chug down a pint or so of sperm filled semen in a single blowbang session, no problem.  When you get that yummy fuck yogurt straight from the tap you can swill down a hell of a lot more than you can when you’re gulping down cups of cold, gelatinous jizz.  Maybe it’s having a cock shoved in your mouth to push it all down that really helps!


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