Submissive Sex with Anything: Human, and Inanimate Objects for my Holes

submissive sex

Sometimes men enjoy me having submissive sex with inanimate objects. I have this caller who enjoys making me fuck things in front of the window. He likes submissive exhibitionist sluts. I just like to do what I am told. It is in my nature to do what men tell me. With this guy I have gone outside naked and masturbated in front of neighbors. I have peed in my backyard too while neighbors were outside. He likes to humiliate me. He has made me do nude jumping jacks in front of windows until I was about to pass out too. He is a sadist. I am his willing victim. I am anyone’s willing victim I guess because I am a submissive whore. Last night, he wanted me to fuck my cunt with a high heel. I have a lot of shoes, and unfortunately for my pussy, I have a lot of spiked heels. They are not meant for the pussy. The one shoe he wanted me to use had a 6-inch spiked heel. Now of course I have had bigger and thicker things in my pussy, but this heel was dirty and sharp, and he had me fucking my cunt and my ass with it. I was worried I might impale something. He made me snap some pictures, so he knew I really had the shoe. He keeps me on my toes. I cut the inside of my cunt somehow because I started bleeding. Not bad. My pussy and ass have bled harder from rough sex before. But my cunt was stinging, and he was just laughing. Laughing at my pain. I told you he was a sadist. I am just a nasty subby bitch, so I guess we are a good match. I love his calls, but I dread them too. Sometimes, submissive phone sex is just as rough on me as real time with a master.

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