I Need Master’s Bare Bottom Spankings

I’m a naughty girl that has completely gone out of line and need Master to put me in my place again. I bet you would administer Bare bottom spankings to me before you give my holes a good pounding. I know I deserve everything you do to me Master. You know whats best for my naughty girl cunt and assholes. I know I will be gagging on cock for you because I need to show Master that I am owned by You and only you. I was playing with my pussy again without permission. I really couldn’t help it Master. I was looking at porn videos with a friend. Yes it was a male friend that isn’t my Master. He wanted me to do things to my pussy while he talked about his hard dick. My friend wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him too. I’m sorry Master. I let him come over and snuck him into my bedroom without daddy knowing. He put his penis inside me without permission from my daddy or my Master. I just really am a bad little slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings

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