I Need to Be Punished

submissive phone sex

I met a sexy bad boy last night! He took me out to a fancy restaurant and was so sweet even though I’m an undeserving whore. We were enjoying a glass of red wine and we both felt a bit tipsy when suddenly he started calling me names in front of everyone. He asked me if I wanted him to show everyone “who’s boss,” and I begged him to punish me in front of everyone. I’m so wet now even thinking about it! I had a box of leftovers, which he opened and dumped all over my body. He called me his stupid bitch and a dirty whore and commanded me to get on my knees. I did as he told me! One of the managers came out to see all the fuss and attempted to kick Dimitri out, but I told the manager that I was only there to serve him. Dimitri pulled a collar out of his pocket and fastened it tight around my neck. It was so tight I could barely breathe! My pussy was pulsating as I saw his angry grimace. “Punish me Master,” I cried out. “I don’t deserve to be wined and dined, “I’m just here for your pleasure!” He commanded that I crawled on my knees, and so I did. He led me out to his car, where he then placed a leash on me. He made me take off my skirt and panties and at this point everyone could see us. People were taking photos of my gushing wet pussy and recording too. Then my master made me crawl behind the dumpsters because he had to relieve himself. As everyone gathered around, Dimitri peed all over my face and in my mouth. It was the most amazing shower I’ve ever had. Then he shoved his gorgeous throbbing cock deep into the back of my throat. As I choked and gagged I could feel myself creaming in front of everyone! Who wants to punish my slutty body next?

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