I Need To Wake Him

submissive whore robynThe light of day is peeking in the window. Master is still asleep and I know he needs to go to work. We had a late night last night and the handcuffs are still on my wrists because he passed out before he could remove them. I know I need to wake him up, if I don’t and he misses work I will be punished. I can’t make him coffee or breakfast with my hands bound behind me. Torn between what to do I crawl on my hands and knees to the side of his bed. I take the covers in my teeth and begin to gently pull, hoping that removing them will wake him. To my dismay he doesn’t even stir. Crawling to the foot of the bed I softly kiss the bottom of his feet and I am met with a full force kick to the face that knocks me off my knees and blood is my nose. Yet he doesn’t wake up. I have no way to wipe the blood off my lip so I lick and suck it into my mouth as I try to think of a way to wake him without receiving his early morning drunken wrath. Kneeling next to the bed I begin to say “Master”. Softly at first and getting progressively louder until he wakes an I feel the sting of his hand across my face. I cower and wait for him to wake up fully. He is angry that I didn’t wake him sooner. As he hurries to get ready I know I will be punished when he gets home. Especially since he forgot to take off the cuffs and I will not be able to fulfill my duties today.submissive whore twitter

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