I Need You Right Now

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Last night my boyfriend gave me a black eye, again. I don’t know what to say I’m tired of giving myself fucked up excuses to deal with why I’m still keeping him. At this point my boyfriend and I are together because we make money and now I’m thinking the black eye is a part of the decor, sometimes I don’t even laugh at that joke. I dream about a guy who can come in take me out of this life and treat me like some fucking Cinderella Story. I know better though I know there’s no one going to save me from these streets and this money that has to be made. That’s right ladies and gentlemen my boyfriend is my pimp, and he is a big black rude piece of shit, but I love him. My boyfriend likes the fact that I’m a delicate Spanish piece of California Sunny pussy, he says that drives the Saviour types crazy. I love the Saviour types they really come in and try to stop all the madness. I need a savior type right about now I think that I would suck his cock so good that he would shoot come down my throat for at least 5 minutes. I would suck his dick to the balls while he’s rock solid hard and then I would jump on top of it and ride it I could get away car. I want someone to get me out of this I need a real man to take me away from this nigger trash and bring me into the white light again. I need a Bonafide Superman to get me out of the grips of the Devil Himself.

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