I Needed To Be Punished

submissive whore robyn1When Joel came home he knew with out asking that I had been a bad whore.
When I gave him the package the UPS driver had brought for him he REALLY knew. I couldn’t lie when he asked me if I had been a bad slut. I had to tell him that I sucked the balls off the sexy UPS driver. I couldn’t help it he was so fucking sexy in his brown uniform.
Joel told me I would have to be punished. I knew that was cumming and my cunt was already wet with anticipation.
First he made me go get the smallest vibrator i had. He knows I like the big one but I had been a bad whore and needed to be punished so all I got was the little tiny one.
He made me put on nothing but my nylons and lay on the bed. Pulling them down a little bit he had me put just the tip of the vibrator in my ass and turn it on.
He knew that would just tease me and make me want more. But that was part of the punishment.
When I couldn’t stand it any more he made me shove it all the way in and pull my nylons up before he spanked my ass till I was crying and begging for mercy.
All while having to admit what a bad little slut I had been and how I deserved to be punished.
My punishment wasn’t slow and included nipple clamps and pain and more begging.
Eventually I can convince Joel that I will be a good girl and he lets me cum. But we both know that I will fuck up again and have to be punished like the submissive whore that I am

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