I shouldn’t have been flirting

submissive whoreI was out with Master last night and I did something bad. I was flirting with this sexy black guy, he was so big and sexy I just knew he would have a huge cock and so I got a little too flirty with him. All I could think about was that huge black cock fucking all my holes, my nipples got hard, my panties were soaked and I wasn’t paying any attention to Master at all. Suddenly I got slapped back into reality when he hit me upside the back of my head and dragged me from the room. He told me that I embarrassed him in front of his friends by acting like a whore so now he was gonna make me a whore for real. He tied me to a chair and led every single man in that party in there one by one and they could do anything they wanted to me. Some pissed on me, some brutally fucked my throat until I puked. They released me from the chair only so they could fuck my ass and pussy and the only man I couldn’t fuck was the one I flirted with.

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