I Want Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy Master loves dirty BDSM ageplay! I love being his submissive little fuck whore with pigtails. Daddy Master loves dressing me up in little school girl uniforms with lace stockings and mary janes, he has me bend over and expose my tight little girl tushy for him to punish with his paddle. I love getting bare bottom spankings from Daddy Master’s special paddle. He knows when I have been naughty and playing with my toys without his permission. Naughty little whores like me deserve to get punished by both Daddy Master’s paddle and his thick cock. After he’s done spanking me until my ass cheeks turn pink, he shoves his rock-hard cock deep inside my sweet rosebud without any lube! It hurts my little rosebud to get stretched out by Daddy Master but it is what I deserve for not obeying! Daddy Master loves pumping my ass full of cum while I cry and apologize for being a naughty whore.

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