I Want To Be Punished!

Erotic Submissive Stories

When master is upset with me I can’t help but get wet knowing that he is going to punish me soon! This morning I was making master breakfast and forgot that he doesn’t like pulp in his fresh squeezed orange juice, maybe I forgot a little bit on purpose. Master got so upset he threw the glass against the wall and dragged me to the bedroom by my hair. I screamed in pain but really my pussy was throbbing, Master threw me against the wall and ripped my dress open, I fell hard, scraping my knees. Master whipped out his hard cock and forced it down my throat, I gagged so hard I pissed a little in my panties. He force fucked my throat until he came all over my face. Master slapped me on the ass for good measure, I nearly came, my pussy was soaking wet and in need of a good pounding.

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