I want you to use me…

Cock WorshipingAllow me to worship your cock, to become your one and only submissive whore that you can use over and over again. Share me with your friends, share me with everyone. Humiliate me. Fuck me raw. Make me share my little ones precious holes with you. So young and sweet they are, they need to see mommy forced to fuck. Forced to do so many horrific things that’s clear I want from my dripping cunt. I know you want to tie me up while I watch you fuck my little one’s precious holes. I will cry and scream and struggle as I watch them cry and try to get away. But all the while watching this is turning me on more and more. They need to be used like Mommy, they will soon learn their lack of worth… that they are only good for fucking and making more babywhores like I do… fill my cunt up with cum. Make me your personal breeder whore. The only attention I get are from you beating my ass, and of course filling my pussy up with all your hot and sticky cum. Making me beg for it throat my gag in my mouth. And what kind of fun would it be if the little ones weren’t forced to watch? Oh they really lose it watching me get pounded harder than ever, being spit on and smacked upon my head. All my holes are being violated; make sure your friends aren’t gentle in the least. Make my holes bleed with your massive cocks – then make sure you move along to my little ones because they deserve to be used just as much as I do.

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