I was going to be a bonadage and submission slave

bondage and submission

On the weekends, I work at a spa and have some clients that love to demand stuff from me. One evening I decided to go ahead and clock out a bit early the last client was a company regular named Mickie. Mickie was the kind of client that was a pain in the ass. He was nicking and diming every service on the bored he the brother in law to the owner. The owner, John, wouldn’t be around much but would let icky Mickie get all the perks and benefits he could dream of, and most of the massage girls didn’t want to touch him. They would run when they would see his name pop up. I didn’t have to deal with massages and clients other than paperwork. Luckily for me, I was so happy not having to deal with men who walked in, but that was all going to change this evening. Icky Mickie came in, and I had him fill out an updated client file. He handed me over a fifty-dollar bill, and I would give him his ten bucks in change when he began to flip out and tell me I was shorting him.

The surveillance camera wasn’t working, and there was no way to verify I was telling the truth, so I panicked. All the girls were booked and didn’t want to give him his massage hour. It was me, and Mickie had a severe smirk on his face. He began by telling me I wasn’t doing anything and I could massage him for an hour. It was probably one of the worst things I could hear.

I had no choice but to give him what he wanted. Even though I wasn’t licensed, he told me I better do it, or I would lose my job once he told his brother-in-law john all about me stealing from him. I knew something was off, but I didn’t have any proof to go back to the footage.

I wish I had gone with my gut. Once I saw no way out of the situation, I obliged. I didn’t want to lose my job. Icky Mickie went ahead and took all his clothes off and began to be so beyond rude to me.  My god, was he a pest more so than ever. Usual he tries to make the girls laugh in the spa, but he was a whole other person with much malice this time. He began to scream at me and told me I better be a naked bitch for him and massage him that way. He’s into bondage and submission and wants the best massage ever. If not, id gets the boot. I began to panic but got myself together and let him have his wishes. The gross stench that came from this man was enough to make your eyes water.

I felt like a complete idiot and enslaved person. Once we were done, he came in for a kiss, and I pushed him back, and he got so angry and began to slap me around and pull off my top and pants. He would get some loving, whether I liked it or not. It was a complete extreme bondage situation.

I could smell him on me all day, even after an hour of a shower. Well, I kept my job but figured out icky Mickie had an agenda the whole time. Turned out he was in charge of the security system from the spa. I wasn’t aware that he was the one in contract to make sure all was in order in the spa. It was all planned he knew he would get away with making me think I was in the wrong.

extreme bondage

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    I want to own your cunt bitch!

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